FREE Trial Lesson for students under 18!

Monthly Tuition


  • 1 Teacher Trip = $25 fee per month
  • Multiple Teachers &/OR Trips = $40 fee per month

Tuition is set on recurring monthly payments using a major credit card or bank account and will be deducted on the 1st of each month, August-May.



  • Students are charged a flat-rate fee per month. Most months the student will receive 4 lessons. Some months, depending on how the weeks fall, the student will receive 5 lessons (we do not charge extra for 5 lesson months). Due to our RSOM Lesson Calendar holidays (i.e.Thanksgiving and Winter Break) the student will occasionally receive 3 lessons in a month. The 3 lesson months and 5 lesson months balance out to an average of 4 lesson per month over the course of the year.
  • Summer lessons offered in packages of 4 or 6 lessons depending on your family’s schedule.
  • Special pricing applies for lessons with our Founder & Concert Pianist, Eduardo Rojas. Call for more information.


  • Enrollment fee: $25
  • Books as requested by instructor
  • Recital fee (per participant)

Interested in other options not shown?  Contact us at 817-329-3222 for more availability.