Students enrolling with Rojas School of Music automatically agree to the policies listed here.

Attendance and Cancellation Policy

Parents and students agree that committed weekly attendance is expected and necessary to help students progress in their musical education. Parents and students understand that attendance is to be punctual in order not to interrupt following lessons however in-home lesson teachers will be permitted to arrive late within approximately 10min of the scheduled time in case of traffic, weather, or other circumstances that may arise during transportation and the lesson will be extended. For in-home lessons, the teacher will wait up to 10min past the scheduled lesson time for the student to arrive and is not obligated to make up any missed time due to late student arrival. If the student does not arrive within 10min of the scheduled lesson time the teacher is permitted to leave and it will be regarded as a missed lesson. There are no refunds for lessons missed by students. If given 48 hour notice, the teacher will schedule a make-up lesson. If the teacher must cancel a lesson, they are required to make-up the lesson. In cases of emergencies such as illness or accidents, a make-up lesson will be scheduled however previously scheduled events such as sports games, concerts, doctor appointments, etc… do not qualify as emergencies and will be regarded as a missed lesson. Teachers are not required to make-up missed lessons.

Make-Up Lessons

There are 4 ways a teacher may make-up a lesson:

  1. Schedule a new lesson day/time during the same week.
  2. Schedule a new lesson day/time during a different week within the semester or during a holiday week.
  3. Lengthen the lesson time for subsequent lessons. For example, two 45min lessons is equal to three 30min lessons.
  4. If the teacher is unable to schedule any of the above, a substitute teacher may be appointed to complete the lesson.

All fall make-up lessons must be completed BEFORE the semester finishes on January 6, 2018. All spring make-up lessons must be completed BEFORE the semester finishes on June 2, 2018. Any make-up lessons that have not been completed by the end of the semester will be forfeited.


Practice Expectations

Parents and students understand that primary musical progress is made by the students practice on the instrument throughout each week. Parents and students agree to invest the necessary time to enable successful musical education. Students will receive instructions by the teacher on practice expectations, which are tailored to their skill level, goals, and needs. Students should keep track of their practice in their handbook.


Although recital participation is not mandatory, performing publicly is a vital element in performance education. Recitals provide an excellent opportunity for students to demonstrate the skills learned during the semester, as well as to gain experience as a performing artist. Student recitals are generally held in a formal setting. Piano students will have an opportunity to perform on a grand piano. A reception may follow. Formal attire is requested for all participants unless otherwise noted. There is a recital fee per participant and will vary depending upon venue.

Commitment & Termination

Your commitment with Rojas School of Music is one calendar month at a time. If you choose to terminate lessons with Rojas School of Music you must notify the school no later than the 20th of the month prior to the month you wish to terminate. For example, if you want to stop taking lessons in January you must notify the school no later than December 20. Termination notice must be given via email to the following address: rojasschoolofmusic@gmail.com

Notice provided to anyone other than the above, including any private lesson instructor, does not qualify as notice under this agreement.



Any payments not received within one week (7 days) of the collection date will result in a $25 Late Fee, which may be drawn automatically if applicable.  An extended delay of tuition payment may result in further collection procedures and/or legal action.
If a check is returned check there will be a $30 Non-Sufficient Funds Fee added on. Upon written notice, Rojas School of Music reserves the right to alter the days and/or hours of operation, the curriculum and the requirements for recital participation, if deemed necessary. Rojas School of Music does not guarantee that you will reach a certain level of competence within any specific time frame and that students’ obtaining a certain defined level of competence may be either delayed or accelerated due to changes in the curriculum or as deemed necessary by Rojas School of Music.